DIY roof repair steps for fixing the roof-leakages and wrecked shingles

Though the major types of roofing problems might require roofing professionals, you can fix the minor level issues, such as, roof-leakages and wrecked shingles applying some little technical knowledge. This article focuses on ­DIY roof repair steps for fixing the roof-leakages and wrecked shingles.

The below mentioned roof repair steps will assist you in fixing the roof-leakages and wrecked shingles. However, you need to take necessary safety precautions, while performing these operations. For more info please visit

Some easy steps for fixing the roof-leakages:
Roof-repair might be required, when your roof gets damaged by strong wind or storm attack. This roof-repair attempt will prevent your roof structure from additional damage by the rough weather.

At first, take 1 tube full of roofing-cement along with 1 piece of good-quality aluminum flashing
Then, shape the aluminum flashing in such a way that it would be 1 inch slimmer and 4 inches lengthier than the damaged shingle. The flashing should remain extended beneath the tabs from both sides.
At next, apply a horizontal pry bar in order to slacken off the broken shingle along with the other shingles that are placed on the left and right sides.
Next, put two or three chunks of roofing cement on the roof-surface underneath the shingle.
After that place the Aluminum flashing beneath and put additional amount of roofing cement on flashing-top.
At the last step, you need to press down the shingle to stick the Aluminum flashing on the roof.

Some easy steps for fixing the roof- shingles:
Roof-repair is required, if the wooden roof shingles switch from their exact positions or they split from one another. If you own a classic house that is made of thousands of individual pieces of wooden roof-shingles, due to the impact of rough weather or storm attack the roof-shingles might split from one another or switch from their right-positions or get damaged. In this situation, the quick roof-repair steps are as follows:

To restore a single roof-shingle, you need to take tools like, chisel, hammer, etc. for splitting it into a number of thin pieces. And then pull out the pieces using pliers.
At next, take the hacksaw blade and pass it beneath the roof-shingle placed above and cut down the nails, which are holding the roof-shingle in place.
Next, shape a new roof-shingle for matching to the breadth of the space through a utility-knife.
Now, slide the switched roof-shingles over the right place and press them down about 1 inch in their exact positions.
At next, take galvanized cedar nails that are manufactured for roof-shingle. Press down the pins on the shingles at an upward angle.
After that, apply tools like, wood block, hammer, etc. to place the new roof-shingle into the exact place.
Usually, the color of your chimney masonry will peel due to the impact of weather. In this situation, the quick roof-repair steps are as follows:
You can install a rain cap made of galvanized metal, stainless steel or copper. Among these three options the copper would be the best and after that the stainless steel would be the better choice. You can choose the rain cap according to your budget and the severity of weather impact in your area.
Thus, you can maintain the sound roofing condition of your house through following the above mentions easy DIY steps.